Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After 88 Circuitous Detours, We Finally Have a Map!

After 2008.06.08, this is my first post. Yeah! after quite a while.

I felt like blogging again after reading some wonderful posts from Micheal Bolton about testing.
This time I wanted to do it with a new perspective, "to present my thoughts, views and experiences to my fellow community and learn further and correct my mis-conceptions"

I thought I can do it well this time from the experience I gained in this couple of years duration. But when I started it, I'm confused about what to write, what not to write; How to write and with too many thoughts (unclarified) and yet not a single straight one. As a result, I logged out and did not post anything.

With this experience I realized, philosophy of planning and the inadvertant impacts of an unplanned tests. The problem is, I didnot plan and ambituosly attempted to write something and ended with nothing:) And the result is:
1. Loosing confidence and motive to achieve.
2. Waste of time and effort.
3. Waste of electricity and other resources.
And more importantly,
4. Ending up without blogging for now and forever.

Aren't they really close to what we do everyday?

My ego was hurted and I tried to post agian, this time I planned the topic, time frame, examples from number good authors and layout etc., I tried to strictly implement my plan and forgot to think more broadly. I tried to copy paste stuff from here and there, make definitive paragraphs etc., . Practically, I've shutdown my own thoughts, my own experiences and my own views. No doubt, I deviated from my objective "to present my thoughts, views and experiences to my fellow community." What is the use of executing something, when the purpose is lost ?

Now, when I read my post, I see something missing...is it the 'soul' of my writing?!!!! It's not me ...I saw James bach, Micheal Bolton etc., saying "hey! it's us!!! not you..."

I could not sleep well on day-2 and kept on thinking .When I questioned myself about 'How many times I've planned my tests and adhered to the plan?'; not really many times when I passed through both the criteria.

There are 3 possibilities:
1. I did not plan;
2. Planned and adhered to the planned;
3. Planned and did not adhere to the plan;

Surprisingly, all of them have different impacts, which I didnot think before.Now I know where and how I failed.

'What is good and what is bad ?' from the above 3 possibilitites; to me, 'Not planning' seems to be a crime. My experience on the first attempt.

But when it comes to 'Planned and adhered to the planned' or 'Not adhering to the plan', there isn't a definitive answer, it is more situational where in some cases could be an offence or a wise decision or a more practical approach.

While writing this today, when I look back through the experience of  all the 3 days, not planning ended my attempt with nothing; Planned and narrowly implementing the plan ended with something dodgy; Finally, planning and adopting changes to practically implement the objective of the plan got a definitive result as this post;

That's why --After 88 Circuitous Detours, We Finally Have a Map!”


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Sunday, June 8, 2008

QTP Script to create Excel Sheet and to enter data into it(using script).

To create Excel SheetSet
Set ExcelSheet=createObject("Excel.sheet")

script to enter data(into excel sheet)
ExcelSheet.SaveAs "C:/XYZ.xls"
Excel Sheet is saved in C folder with following data.A B1111 2222 3333 4444

Sunday, April 13, 2008

True Repositories



I read about the hyderabadunplug event takenup by few volunteers...to save the earth from global warming...
Their initiative is laudable.It's not for somebodyelse...for our ownselves and our future generations...It reminded me of an Oldman and Mango tree story....Here now it comes live..and each of us has a chance to ACT....
May 03rd , 2008....7:30PM to 8:30PM..switch off all ur electronics and breathe a fresh air for a moment.....We can sit out ,counting twinkle twinkle stars for our children...being them....lot many things we forgot in our busy life schedule....how abt having a candle light dinner with your partner...many more..just think..think.....

I'm going to be part of it....What abt UUUUUU....?


Saturday, April 12, 2008